Minimalist design

We have chosen a no-frills minimalist design for this website. Some may even say it is a moderate example of brutalist design, which has been emerging as a trend for bold design thinking for some time now.

Generally, consumers like the exciting, motivating, or comforting feeling that a nice design can provide. But design has a purpose. In communications, it is used to trigger interest, or to emphasize the characteristics of your brand and your products.

Beautiful, daring, or minimal, it can increase the impact of your messaging. That is if you can create a design that supports your message. 

You would always choose a captive design for your ads and social posts that direct customers to your website. And the look & feel of your website will always support the beauty or utility of your products.

A newcomer brand, our task is to show our clients that we understand their pains and can deliver gains, i.e. do the job that is assigned to us. Hence, we wanted to go beyond the well-known look of standard agency websites that offer teaser text and nice pics. 

Because likely, you -our potential client- are well-advanced in your journey and are seeking informative content that answers questions. 

What are your design preferences?

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