You have two options.
I recommend B.

Your task: find a good content creator / communication expert that will help you achieve your objectives. What can you do?


You search on google and pick the first page rankings. To save time, you briefly skim their site, check their services overview and ask them to contact you. You then go on a blind date with every one of them in your virtual meetingroom to see if they are a good fit.


You search on google and pick the first page rankings. You make time to explore their website content and, hopefully, find something that inspires you. If you’re not convinced with first page agencies, you continue with second page results. Until you find your match. You ask them for an online meeting and discuss your objectives. 

Why B? You are about to make an investment in your brand. Before you talk about your plans to advisers, you want to know how they think, how they work, and what they can or will do for you. And that starts with their ability to show you, online, what you need to know about them. Whenever you want. Like you would want your customers to know about your products. It’s a matter of trust that builds, as you learn more about them.