Your products and services are great and it’s time to show a large number of German market consumers what you have to offer. Creating or localizing a website for selling in Germany is the first and most important step towards establishing your online presence. In doing so, you will instantly increase the accessibility of your brand and products for your customers. We will focus on creating a great website that will inspire customers to consider your products and services.

1) The first step is to develop the concept for your site. We will define the specific objectives of the website, your target groups‘ preferences, the site’s functions and content, structure, on-site customer experience, design.

2) The second step is to create your content

3) The final step is to set up the site. I will create a lean wordpress site that is flexible and easy to use, in addition to featuring a great and functional design. I will help you familiarize with the main functions, so that you will be able to add or change content and build new pages. We will test the site’s functionality to ensure that it is working properly. 

Alternatively, if you have a site developer, I will limit my role to creating the concept and content.

Add-ons: We can also create your business sites on google and the social media that your customers typically use to get information or to get inspired. These are different tools but they are very efficient for directing customers to your official website, as part of your online marketing strategy.