Your success in selling your products in the German-speaking markets will depend on the perceived quality of your products, your content, and your ability to shape a positive consumer experience at every stage of the customer journey. The journey shown here is the anticipated evolving awareness, or learning curve of German consumers who are considering purchasing a product with a certain price tag. It’s about emotions and connecting to your potential customers.


German for hmm. What German consumers think when they sense they need something. Whatever that may be.

YOUR TASK: Attract ... Consumers sense they have a problem. The term problem is not negative. It means that they will start looking for solutions. It's all about awareness in this stage. Here is where you start engaging them.


German for okay. German consumers have this moment of enlightenment when they discover that there are answers to their questions.

YOUR TASK: Engage and educate ... Consumers are searching for solutions. Generate interest! You need to show them that you understand their problem and offer solutions. 


German for maybe. This term already has a favorable tone, meaning that consumers will include you on their short list.

YOUR TASK: Support ... Consumers are solution aware and are looking for the right product that fits their needs. They are comparing products and need information that helps them to understand that your products are a good choice.


German expression of excitement. After comparing several products, and considering if they really need it and can afford it, German consumers will opt for a product and buy it. 

YOUR TASK: Trigger and convert ... Consumers are product aware and are considering several options. What they need at this stage is encouragement through re-assuring information (from others but also from your side) that will convince them they are opting for the right product. And at the end of their research phase, when they purchase your product, you want to give them that feel good moment. 


German for Loving it. Once you win your German customers, they are proud to own your product, and they will tell others just how good it is.

YOUR TASK: Delight and attract ... Do whatever possible to delight your customers after they have purchased a product or booked your services. Remember: customers can return the product after their purchase. And it is here, in the post-purchase phase, your product and your service can charm customers. Charmed customers will purchase more often. More importantly, they will evolve from buyers to authentic brand ambassadors and help you build a good reputation with many more potential customers. This is your chance to positively influence the personal recommendations that other consumers receive.