How we help startups and entrepreneurs: by using communication as a sales driver.

We know that starting a business is hard. But we’ll show you how you can use communication as a stabilizing force for your business expansion. Because no matter the methods you use, communicating with your target groups will always make it easier for you to sell your products in the big market you have just entered. 

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Need a narrative for your newly founded business?

You know what you have created. When will you start telling the world about it? Because your offer may have hit a huge underlying demand. What you need to tap it is a convincing messaging and a narrative that highlights the gains your customers will make. And you should start setting up flexible and expandable comms structures. 

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Five key success factors of Entrepreneur Communication:

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And if we got you hooked you’ll be looking for more information. That’s where web copy is a really useful tool. 


You have founded your business. Congrats! These are exciting times and you are likely focusing on how to get your sales going in the German markets. Communication will help you achieve that goal.

You have a vision, a mission, great products / services and along with that you have a story to tell to your potential customers. That’s a very good starting point for communication. Because that is all you need initially to make consumers understand your offer and acknowledge what gains they make by purchasing your products & services. 

We can start positioning your brand, creating your content and making you visible online. With digital and offline marketing, we can develop a sales-focused customer journey with an omnichannel experience that will help you find new customers and quickly expand your base of loyal customers. Best of all: with a dedicated approach, it will take only two weeks to set the stage!

Let’s start building lean and efficient communication structures that have the potential for quick expansion. You can order individual services or a package that is suitable for your requirements.

If you already have plans to rapidly increase your sales and build a large customer base within a short period of time, I recommend we talk about growth communication. It’s a different approach, which is focused on reaching a single objective, using creative and experimental methods. But it requires a different budget and, possibly, you may have to compromise on other aspects of communication.