20+ years of communication experience

In more than 20 years in various public relations positions, I have acquired some expertise in corporate, brand and product communications, as well as network coordination. I have a strong background in automotive, logistics, aviation and professional services but you would also see that I have gained considerable experience with lifestyle, biotech/biochemistry, and lately, to some extent also fin-/insurtech brands.

If you were to read my resume, you’d notice that I have a wide range of experience and knowledge, with an emphasis on positioning, content development, media relations, and, since a few years, online communications. I have advised large companies and SMEs, as PR manager or as agency-based or independent external consultant. 

Political think tank • PR agency • law firms • media relations • positioning • IPOs • financial communications

Following my masters studies in political science, I entered my professional life as foreign and security policy consultant at German think tank Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP). Here, I worked as one of five focus-group managers for a project on conflict prevention in the EU’s periphery. I also set up the communications structures for the project and found my love for communications. 

That led me to apply for a job at Edelman PR’s German head office in Frankfurt a.M., where I started my professional communications career.

My first clients were law firms (Jones Day, Clifford Chance, CMS and Hengeler Müller) whom I positioned against competing law firms in Germany’s leading national business media. At times, this was really challenging, since already back then media relations were about stories, which law firms only reluctantly like to tell. 

I also participated in financial communications for the agency’s many IPO clients. The job was very exciting and Frankfurt a hot place for a young PR professional. 

PR agency • PR manager • automotive • corporate communications • brand positioning in Germany and Europe • product communications • content • network coordination • customer relations • speaker • overseas communications 

After two years, I joined the agency’s corporate communications team, which had a very interesting client portfolio. I worked on projects for Hyundai and Standox, edited Arthur D. Little Automotive customer newsletters and wrote the non-financial part of Hannover Airport’s annual report. 

Following this initial learning period, I was appointed account director of the Kia Motors European account that we had recently won. 

This was a brand positioning, PR planning (test drives and motor show activities), content development and network coordination role and I enjoyed every moment, despite the challenge of aligning the differing brand positioning concepts of Kia’s European importers.

I took on a similar role as Hyundai Motor Europe account director at Hyundai’s pan-European agency about two years later, where I also had the pleasure of developing the concept and most of the content for Hyundai Europe’s corporate website. 

Moving forward, I became part of Hyundai’s in-house European PR team, serving as media spokesperson / PR manager for Europe, focusing on positioning Hyundai as a global brand with European engineering and design. My main tasks: central messaging, one voice communications across fifteen countries, new model launches, auto show presentations and media test drives, among others fuel cell electric vehicle road tests. And Hyundai’s sponsorship of the 2006 Soccer World Cup. 

Global media spokesperson • PR manager • logistics • aviation • corporate communications • global brand positioning • content • media relations • global network coordination • communications for operational units • internal communications • crisis communications

Further studying my resume, you would find that my logistics know-how results from six years at DHL Express. During my four-year term as DHL Express’ global media spokesperson I was instrumental in successfully communicating corporate change, as the company implemented its global re-organization plan. Naturally, in the initial phase emphasis was placed on crisis communications and alignment with internal communications provisions. 

The situation called for a very careful approach to pro-active media relations, which was to be found in delivering, through familiarization tours and media workshops with operational management, proof for the efficiency of DHL Express’ global network. During this time, I was also responsible for positioning DHL Express’ evolving global air network, which symbolized the brand’s shifting focus, from full-range express to time-sensitive international deliveries. 

I later joined one of DHL Express’ freight airlines as communications manager, where I gained experience in internal communications and PR at the operational level. 

Setting up the communications structures for internal communications included editorial tasks, such as editing the quarterly employee magazine and weekly online-newsletters, as well as organizing onboarding briefings for new employees. 

Working for an airline with its own maintenance organization meant being trained thoroughly in crisis management as well.   

One of the many highlights of the job was planning and supervising the DHL part in the global launch of the 2013 model of the Mercedes S-Class. It involved night photo shootings at DHL’s European air hub in Leipzig and flying the new S-Class from Stuttgart to the global launch site at the Airbus plant at Hamburg XFW airport, where the show car was unloaded as part of the launch show.   

Wide range of experience • large companies and SMEs • startups • positioning • PR • soft launch • digital marketing • content • websites

In recent years I have also developed a strong interest in positioning startups (automotive, biotech, fin-/insurtech, lifestyle). 

One of my all-time favorite clients is Biotensidon AG: As an industry first, the Swiss-German biotech startup developed the capability for cost-effective mass-production of rhamnolipids (bio surfactants), which will be instrumental in improving the health and eco characteristics of many products in several industry sectors. 

I had the pleasure of planning and implementing their initial media soft launch in 2016/2017. The task included educating editors on a difficult topic, as few expert editors had ever heard of rhamnolipids. With the classic approach of disseminating press announcements, followed by interviews and byliners in biotech-media, we achieved significant reporting in relevant biotech/biochemistry publications in Germany, UK, Sweden and the U.S. that put rhamnolipids on the list of top articles. 

In 2018, I wrote the original German content for Biotensidon’s website. 

To be continued …

My most recent automotive work was with Stuttgart-based Sino-German automotive startup Borgward Group AG and Slovakian e-mobility company Voltia. 

Working for both the global PR and the European sales department, my job at Borgward was to coordinate overseas PR with a global head office view, develop content, and establish customer communications in German-speaking countries. 

That meant switching between speaking at auto events in Asia and Middle East, writing PR/marketing texts, setting up CRM structures, and organizing and carrying out customer test drives at Borgward’s European brand center. I am grateful for this experience, as it is not really common for PR professionals to engage in sales talks with prospects, while it is actually very helpful to get direct feedback.

Voltia is a leading e-mobility company that re-designs mass-model e-LCVs for industry-specific solutions to support manufacturers with increasing their customer base. It also offers innovative leasing products. I am advising on communication in the German-speaking markets.