Why you will love our support when entering the German-speaking markets: because we are locals.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Yes, the proverb is not German but you get it. To tap on the prosperous German market, you need market knowledge and a feeling for what’s hot and what’s not with customers. German, Austrian, and Swiss sentiment is similar but not alike. There are differences you need to be aware of. But don’t worry. We’ll help you achieve a great brand positioning and create a convincing narrative that will make your products desirable for DACH customers.    

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Einfühlungsvermögen. Your key to convincing Germans.

Launching in the German-speaking markets? You can achieve a huge sales success if you play it smart. What you need in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is the ability to connect your core messaging with local sentiment. The main market loves exciting new things that don’t rock the boat. Even if they do. Got it? 

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Five key success factors of German Market Communication:

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And if we got you hooked you’ll be looking for more information. That’s where web copy is a really useful tool. 


While Germany is one of the toughest markets in the world, it is also one of the most rewarding. (You can find more interesting information and stats on Germany and the DACH market here.) Its neighboring countries Austria and Switzerland are no less interesting. Selling products in the German-speaking region, you will want to charm your target groups right from the start. There are different ways to achieve that. 

In your German communication, you will want to start with strategy, messaging, your German website and initial content development along the customer journey. Setting up your DACH communications structures will also require your attention. The ideal time to contact us is following your decision to enter a DACH market, as you will benefit the most from our services if I were a member of your advance team on the ground. 

Your pro-active communication measures will likely prioritize digital marketing and media relations to position your brand and create a buzz, depending on the characteristics of your business

If your business is a startup it has different needs than a mature business with an established product range. Your milestone planning will be different and you may want to take a more flexible and growth-oriented approach.

Likewise, SMEs also have different requirements. If your company is small in its operations and offers a limited number of products it will likely have a more dedicated approach towards its main target group than a medium size company with a wider range of products and, hence, several important target groups.

We recommend a communication package with specific elements for setting up your German communication. Please visit the quick overview for details.