Imagine: your target groups have multiple options for obtaining information on your brand and your products. To ensure that they get the information you would like them to have, you may want to cultivate your social media presence and enhance your online visibility. This will help you engage with more customers directly and generate more traffic on your website, where they can find the most convincing information.

We can optimize and refresh your content, and add more interesting content, perhaps in different formats. If you are looking to expand your customer base to include other countries, you would certainly like to consider localizing or transcreating (translate into market- and target group-specific language) your content. I transcreate content from English or Danish/Norwegian to German and I also localize content that has been translated from other languages.

Another option is to engage in more pro-active online communication through your owned channels (website, social media sites). Remember that your own original content can trigger consumer-generated content, some of which can be very helpful to increase your visibility. After all, consumers are the best storytellers. Online PR and influencer relations blend in well in the advanced communications mix. To maximize visibility, we can also place ads for facebook, instagram and Google. 


We can also start your media relations activities, once your business has grown to become relevant for media.