Would you like to engage in media relations in the German-speaking markets or beyond? Please read my resume for my experience in this field.


Media relations is about convincing journalists. They need to feel comfortable with you and your story. In this sense, journalists are like customers. Some will like your offer right away. Others (and unfortunately that means most) will need to be convinced that you and your brand are worth reporting. Remember, journalists receive a ton of press releases and other information pieces every day, and every company is asking them to report on them. 


To achieve coverage your story has to be relevant to them. And that means your focus should be on both product and corporate information, which you want to present in a way that highlights the relevance of your offer to the media audiences. We need to identify every bit of information that could be interesting to media: hard facts, data, market environment and your potentials and, above all, the USPs of your products or services. 

And thinking in terms of communication planning, it really helps to build a solid online visibility, with a German language website and enhanced online marketing, prior to contacting media. Because journalists do research and, like consumers, they will use search engines and social media to look for information on your brand. The more hits they get, the higher your relevance. That includes online news / online press releases, cornerstone website content, social media posts, reviews and factual information from others.