The most valuable service I can offer is true dedication: it enables me to quickly get a full picture of your company and objectives and to produce the project deliverables in a short timespan, preferably within a month. I am 100 percent focused on individual clients in the initial project phase, when we need to get the project going and create the foundation for successful communication. During this time, I will work exclusively on our project, as this will deliver the most promising results. 


Depending on the nature and the scope of the project, we will reach the first mile stone after a few days and can develop your positioning / strategy and implementation plan within the first week of our cooperation. This approach enables the finalization of the creation phase after 3-4 weeks. There is no lengthy process. Not even for complex projects, like market-entry communications. You are ready to launch after 1 month or less.

T - 4 weeks

In our initial briefing, you tell me about your company and your communication objectives. We will discuss how I can support you. 

Follow up: You will receive a service offer, which you need to approve. I will then start working on our project. 

T - 3 weeks
Recommendations and strategy

A week into our cooperation, perhaps a little earlier, you will receive specific recommendations (positioning, strategy, scope of proposed activities, timeline, and messaging) for our project.

Follow up: We will have an online-meeting to discuss the proposal and make amendments if necessary. Following your written approval of the proposal, I can start implementing the activities.

T - 2 weeks

Approximately one week after our proposal meeting (depending on the scope of the project), I will send the drafts for the project deliverables. 

Follow up: If you like what I deliver, you can approve directly. You can also send back the documents with your comments and instructions. Alternatively, we will have a second online-meeting to discuss corrections or amendments.

T - 1 week
Preparing for launch

I will use the final week of the countdown to your project launch to finalize the deliverables and to prepare the launch, so that everything is in place when you push the go live button.

Post launch
Post launch services

Depending on our cooperation arrangement, I will either end my work for you, or I will continue supporting you with your communication tasks, which would certainly include an analysis of the result of your project launch.