The main element of your owned media portfolio, your website is the home of your content. Naturally, you are tempted to pack it with every piece of information you would like to communicate to your target groups. But you want to choose the right content and present it in an appealing manner, including high usability.  

Because your web content needs to instantly inspire your target groups and make them want to learn more about you. On your website, you can show consumers just how accessible you are. You offer the solution to something they are looking for, and what you show on your website can convince them that this is what they want. In this sense, your website is one of the most important elements of the omnichannel customer experience. Building on cornerstone content -the most important articles/pages on your site-, you can create an on-site journey for your visitors that will make them want to purchase your products and even come back for more later. 

There is no „one-size-fits-all“ approach to this task. Every brand / company / organization is different and has different target groups. Hence, the B2B website of a Swiss-German biotech startup will have a different tone of voice and a different focus than the online presence of Austria’s biggest founders‘ event, or the sales-focused site of a leading e-mobility company from Slovakia. 

Moreover, to catch all those consumers that look for products and services on their mobile devices your site should be highly responsive, not only in terms of flexible design but also in terms of the actual content. Long text content is very important but you need to find the right balance to make it suitable for mobile use as well.

So, let’s find an engaging website design and structure to guide your customers. And let’s put your messages into words and stories that will captivate your target groups. I will write original German website content, or I can do a German translation or transcreation of your original website content.