Selling in the DACH region

Are you considering selling your products or services in the German-speaking markets? Then we’re talking DACH. The acronym DACH stands for Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH), a region with more than 100 million inhabitants that have similar values, interests, ideals and beliefs, albeit not being alike. 

The annual average purchasing power in Germany and Austria is roughly EUR 24,000 per person. In Switzerland it is 42,000 EUR, due to higher costs of living. 

According to the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, “the volume of trade, number of consumers, and Germany’s geographic location at the center of the European Union make it a cornerstone around which many U.S. firms seek to build their European and worldwide expansion strategies.” Also, Germany is an excellent market for SMEs. 

The Department for International Trade (UK) emphasizes the long-term potential that Germany offers and the great opportunities for businesses with innovative quality products. 

Importantly, brand loyalty is very high in Germany. Recent surveys have found that approx. 57 million consumers stick to their brands, once they are convinced of them.

The markets in Austria and Switzerland are similar to that of Germany. Consumers also welcome innovative products and appreciate quality.

The starting point for selling your products in Germany and the other DACH markets is to develop a sound entry strategy, which could be based on a physical presence in Germany, or exports. Communications play a crucial role in your strategy, as you need to become visible, convince consumers, and grow sales.

The following authorities can support you on your way to the DACH region.

Selling in Germany / exporting to Germany:

Department of Commerce (U.S.) with advice on key markets opportunities, entry strategies, technical requirements for products

Department for International Trade (UK) with a detailed view on opportunities for various industries

Enterprise Ireland with a thorough report on Exporting to Germany from Ireland

Federal German Government (DE) with 5 reasons to set up a business in Germany

Les opportunités d’affaires en Allemagne:

Business France with interesting facts and articles for French SMEs and Startups

Gouvernement du Canada with info for Canadian businesses that want to do business in Germany

Säljer varor i Tyskland:

Regeringskansliet (SE) with further links to other institutions 

Business Sweden with information on setting up your business in Germany

Stats & info from the private sector

Santander Trade (interesting overview but not always precise in all detail)

Société Générale has a good market overview with consumer behavior etc.