Podcasts for German listeners

Audio marketing is a thing

As your digital marketing agency in Germany, we’d like to recommend using audio marketing to reach and inform/entertain your customers. Podcasts should be among your preferred instruments in your 2020s communications portfolio. In Germany, the number of podcast listeners more than doubled in the past five years and this trend is bound to continue. 

A German podcast will strengthen your external and internal communications. There are several reasons why. It’s a great tool to communicate your brand to German-speaking consumers in the DACH region. 

You can inform potential customers on the benefits of your products and services and you can establish thought leadership on the topics that are important for your brand positioning. And with a podcast, you will have many options concerning the format and the tone of voice.

Podcast targets & podcast target audience

Before starting a German podcast it’s necessary to evaluate the need it should fill within an organization. Is the aim to create a better environment for open communication and to therefore drive innovation? Would you like to make the brand narrative more comprehensive to your local subsidiaries or employees in general?

There are many reasons why a German podcast could be a great way to foster communication with your German customers or within your organization in Germany. But it is essential for its success to be clear on its purpose, first. As your German digital marketing agency, we will find the optimal way to weave your German corporate podcast into your existing communications strategy.

German Content Podcast Strategy - Audience

Research for German podcasts

Especially for company internal podcasts which aim to improve the communication within an organization, it is necessary to assess the status quo first. This can be done with the help of surveys to gain quantitative data or by interviewing stakeholders in different departments or branches. Digital marketing companies in Germany can help you with this task.

The results of the initial research phase will form the basis for identifying relevant KPIs and defining benchmarks to measure against later on.

German Content Podcast Strategy - Survey

Format development

Your German digital marketing agency will help you develop the right format for your podcast. If you choose us, and based on the targets, target audience and research, we will find the perfect format for your German podcast. Whether your podcast will consist of weekly episodes of 20 minutes in length each featuring a Q&A between your CEO and selected employees or rather 60 minutes long discussions of team members with other industry thought leaders will be determined in this phase.

There is no “one size fits all” approach in the podcast market. Finding your niche and the content that works best for your purpose is at the heart of this process.

German Content Podcast Strategy - Format

Set-up & tech training for your German podcast

Don’t worry if you’re not experienced in producing podcasts. As your online marketing agency in Germany we will not leave you with a theoretic podcast strategy. Instead we will help you get the podcast off the ground. Together, we will set up the show on a distribution platform that will feed the most relevant podcatchers.

We will show you how to best integrate your audio-content in other social profiles to foster awareness for your new owned media product. Additional value will be created for anyone connected to your brand who will now have the chance to consume important content on the go.

In a dedicated workshop will provide all the technical expertise to enable your employees to produce future episodes by themselves.

German Content Podcast Strategy - Training

Pilot production

The first show is always the most exciting one where you will pretty soon notice which parts work for you and which may need a bit more refinement. That’s why we love to support in producing the pilot in order to be able to patch any shortcomings.

Once you have gone through all the steps in this process you will be ready to release your show and start interacting with your audience. 

Of course, we are also more than happy to work with you long-term and create amazing German podcast content, like episodes on certain topics, as well as monitor their success.

German Content Podcast Strategy - Pilot Production