One thing’s for sure: you can’t sell products in Germany if you don’t have online visibility. Your customers are all online, as are the influential sources that tell them whether or not your products are a good fit for them. Digital marketing in Germany offers you the opportunity to place your offer where your customers will look for it. Your messages are accessible when customers need them. Day and night.  

Your customers need the information that creates favorability. With digital marketing in Germany, you can achieve a strong presence and a clear messaging at all digital touch points in the customer journey. 

Use your website, cultivate your narrative through social channels. And develop a good online and social ad strategy to get more reach. Your digital marketing agency Germany, we’ll help you with in- and outbound tactics.

Digital Marketing Agency Germany

Digital Marketing Agency Services

As a digital marketing agency for the DACH markets, we can provide the following services:

+ digital strategy

+ SEA, online advertising & social ads

+ social media posting and blog management

+ content creation

+ enhanced SEO

+ podcasting

How to reach German customers with digital marketing

A digital marketing company in Germany, we believe in the power of online communications. Digital marketing offers something valuable to you: you can reach your customers wherever they are and whenever they are available with messages that you can prepare whenever you want.

Moreover, you can get real-time insight in user- and customer-behavior and market trends. And with the evolving metaverse, there will be even more opportunities in the future.

86 percent of all Germans are online every day. 45 % of them are aged 50 and beyond, 34 % are aged 30 – 49, and 21 % are somewhere between 16 and 29 years old. 

A recent report (datareportal digital 2023) showed that, on average, Germans (aged 16 to 64) spend around 5.5 hours on the internet daily, using various devices. And if you add together the time all German consumers of this age group spend on social media each day, you’ll get an impressive 4.5 billion minutes of social media activities. That’s a lot of time for approaching them, if you know where and how to reach them.

And the statistics aren’t much different in Austria and Switzerland. 

The digital world presents your target groups in DACH land with multiple options for obtaining information on your brand, your products, and your competitors. 24/7. They can go anywhere they like, at any time. And you want to be there.

As your digital marketing agency in Germany, we will support you with the entire range of tasks. One of the first steps of successful digital marketing is defining your buyer groups. The more you know about them, the better. You’ll need the info for all of your activities.

Be as precise as possible when you define your buyer personas. This will help you attract the right people to your site and help to evaluate your success more accurately.

Analyzing & strategizing your content, according to your buyer group’s preferences, is perhaps the most important task of an online marketer. Let your content work for you: it’s an integral part of your sales force. You need informative, inspiring, and convincing website content and you’ll want to develop more of the type of channel content that directs your customers to your site. 

Your SEO should place your site in the top segment of original SERP results. This is very important for website traffic and your entire lead generation marketing. 

Also, you may want to know how your site content is performing in terms of conversion support. Do you need to re-organize some of the pages? Will you have to rewrite some of the copy, or will it suffice to improve the micro-content?

To ensure that customers get the information you would like them to have, you need a strong online presence, with a clear and convincing messaging at every digital touch point in the customer journey. 

In addition to searching for information and products on portals and websites, German consumers also spend around 1.5 hrs every day using social media. They also listen to podcasts for around half an hour. 

You want to strengthen your online visibility and cultivate your social media activities. This will help you engage with more customers directly and generate more traffic on your website, where they can find the most convincing information.

Engaging in pro-active online communication through your owned channels (social media sites) will help you connect with customers and inspire them. 

And keep in mind that your own original content can trigger consumer-generated content, some of which can be very helpful to increase your visibility. After all, consumers are the best storytellers. 

There are many topics you can talk about: your own products and services, their use cases and case studies, as well as news on developments in your industry. Your content should be structured and include different types of posts. 

Also, keep in mind that it is not necessary to repeat what everyone else is doing. Placing the gazillionth post or ad in a certain style on social channels is not always the smartest move, as it is likely that consumers won’t find it charming. More importantly: it will not help you stand out from the crowd.

Consider that Germans spend around 1.25 hours daily reading (online) news. Online PR will help you become visible and trustworthy. Placements of articles in favored online media and reviews from experts will increase consumer trust in your products.

In addition, if you place your online press releases on your own website and online portals, they will add to visibility. Moreover, you can use them for your social media posts. 

Influencers could also help you with introducing or explaining your product to certain target groups. Choose your influencers wisely, as the widest reach doesn’t guarantee sales-relevant results. In many cases, you will find that nano influencers often have a much better engagement rate. A good mix is key, here too.

In your digital strategy, you determine the scope and nature of your online advertising. Our task as your digital marketing company in Germany will be to advise you on methods, channels. We will also support you with the development of creatives.

Your advanced digital communications mix will certainly include social ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest). Depending on the preferences of your potential customers, you choose the channel and set the tone to their liking. 

Your search engine advertising (SEA) places you above organic results on the SERP. And with display or native ads you can target your buyer groups on any page with publishing space.

Be sure to combine your advertising with your other content marketing activities. A well-balanced advertising and content strategy will have the biggest impact. 

If you are looking to expand your customer base to include other countries, you would certainly like to consider localizing (translate into market- and target group-specific language) your content. Many German customers speak English fluently. However, they would not like to get their information in a foreign language.  

Part of our portfolio as German digital marketing agency is content development and content localization. We localize content from English or Danish/Norwegian to German and we also localize content that has been translated from other languages.)


Five key success factors of digital marketing in Germany and DACH:


Strategic approach: Don't just start posting and advertising. Develop a well-defined in- and outbound strategy first.


Targeted content: Define your buyer personas accurately and create targeted (native language) content


SEO & conversion website: Make sure your website ranks high on SERPs but also inspires visitors to interact with you.


Create awareness: Use search & display ads and social advertising to reach more customers. The more touch points you present to your customers on their journey, the better.


Channel buzz: Identify the best channels for your products and intensify channel activities.

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