Digital ads: getting the reach for your messaging.

The power of digital advertising

You’ve made it through the ads that we allow on this page. Perhaps even one of our competitors managed to grab your attention and lure you away from our own site. But in that case, obviously, you came back.

What we want to prove with allowing others to advertise here is that digital advertising presents opportunities to catch the attention of internet users. Almost anywhere they go. Be it pop-up ads or native ads, utilizing publishing space on websites that your potential customers visit is a valuable method for placing your messages.

Opportunities of digital advertising

Online, or native advertising is a valuable contributor to your brand’s online visibility and your product sales campaigns. Just like social media ads, native ads give you the means to reach customers far beyond your owned channels. 

Ultimately, that means adding substantial numbers of internet users to your instant-buy customers, if they follow the ad’s destination and purchase your products online. If they don’t buy directly, then you can add them to your leads whom you can retarget later. 

Whatever you would like to achieve in terms of reach and awareness, your digital advertising will inevitably form part of the communications mix you need to implement to successfully increase your sales volume.


Trust-building content & ad-awareness

And let’s be honest: the reach of your organic content on almost any digital platform is limited. Algorithms only allow for high reach in very specific situations that will not evolve every time you post. Thus, the most informative and trust-building information that you place on your website and social media posts needs to be supported by digital advertising.

A content strategy agency, we advise our clients to create a good mix of inbound and outbound methods to get the messages through to their potential customers. 

While exceptionally good content delivers the essentials that convince buyers to opt for your products, it is digital ads that get their immediate attention. And, like your social ads, they will help you generate traffic for your website or your physical PoS, where you can convert your visitors.

Platforms for digital advertising

The platforms you will want to use for your digital advertising always need to reflect your target groups’ search behavior. What we’ve shown here is an example of placing ads in the context of digital marketing. And in our case, it is delivered through the Google Display Network in different ways, depending on the preferences that you, as our visitor, may have. 

As a publisher, we don’t know the exact look of the ad or where the specific ad you have seen was placed on this page. What we can see, is the number of visitors that clicked on the show or dismiss button. But as an advertiser, you will have more thorough info on the visitors that click your ads. After all, you’ve set the keywords and the targeting and bidding parameters and you’ll get more info on them when they visit your site/landing page. 

In addition to Google Ads, which show on Google search and/or the Google display network, you have corresponding options with the Microsoft Advertising platform.