We know that starting a business is hard. But we’ll show you how you can use startup marketing as a stabilizing force for your business expansion to Germany and the other DACH market countries. And it’s no secret at all: no matter the methods you use, purposefully communicating with your target groups will always make it easier for you to sell your products to them.

Your startup marketing agency for the German markets, we will help you get the message out that your products are very cool and consumers need them. And we will help you set up a solid online structure to acquire first-party data. Using this data wisely, you will interact with leads, introducing them to your brand and telling them why it’s a good fit for them. The market wants brands, and the sooner you can build it, the better for your sales. 

Startup Marketing Germany

Startup Marketing Agency Services for Germany

As a startup marketing agency for the German markets, we can provide the following services:

+ purpose, vision, mission, products & buyers, positioning 

+ messaging 

+ SEO web content 

+ social sites set-up and management

+ content planning & creation

+ media relations

+ mentoring

How to set up your startup marketing in 2 weeks

When you plan your startup marketing there are many things to consider, initially.

  • Are you an innovator, trend-setter, fast-follower, or re-creator of proven design / technology / methodology?
  • Is your product new to the market or is it a new offer for a specific product category?
  • What are your desired target groups?
  • Will you need to address different target groups on your path to the mass market? 
  • Are you a single-product, multi-product, or technology/service company?
  • Do you offer high-price or commonly affordable products/services?
  • Does your business strategy include a founder-exit?

Successful startup marketing is not (only) about highlighting technology, design, materials, or novel functions. More importantly, you need to inform your target groups about the gains they make when opting for your products or services.

Products (and services) can be functionally but also emotionally appealing, and for very different reasons. Thus, you will want to know your buyer personas and their personal demands: the product-market fit is crucial for your sales. Keep in mind that the majority of buyers in Germany are aged 40 years and beyond. This means that essentially you need to be accessible to a wider group of consumers or be able to penetrate smaller groups to reach sufficient sales volumes. 

For startup marketing, being in the know is vital. At all times. AI-based market intelligence tools and ongoing real-time social content performance analysis will help you “feel” your customers. Digital marketing allows you to adjust posts, campaigns in real-time. 

Start building lean and efficient communications structures that produce the communications flow you need to create an impact. If you’re opting for D2C marketing, you need to build a team that can really interact with consumers and replace the retail experience they usually have. And you should have the technology to do everything online.

Likely, you will also hire communications experts for specific tasks and contract external advisers for strategic advice and operational support. Certainly, this will include a content strategy agency.

Make sure they have the potential for quick expansion, i.e. growth. You don’t want to be looking for employees or other advisers at the moment you need their services.

You have a purpose, a vision, a mission, and great products / services. And along with that you have a story to tell to your potential customers. That’s a very good starting point for startup marketing.

Create an informative and inspiring corporate website for startups. Start positioning your brand, create your SEO content, and make your products visible online. Deliver the essentials and test new approaches to increase visibility. For example, social media platforms like TikTok (not limited in Europe!) can provide initial reach. Even with a tiny follower base, you can reach tens of thousands of people that potentially could be interested in what you offer. Believe us, we have tested this!

With digital and offline marketing, you can develop a sales-focused customer journey. The omnichannel experience you create will help you find new customers and also expand your base of loyal customers. Best of all: with a dedicated approach, it will only take two weeks to set the stage!

If we were your content strategy agency, we’d advocate a use-case based messaging initially, as this will build a direct connection to target groups.

A newcomer to the market, you need to build trust. Thus, you may want to consider creating various use cases for your product/service for your target groups, which you will place on your website and promote through social channels. Make sure you address both intended users and the actual buyers. They have different mindsets and may expect different gains.

Your next step would be to approach selected desired customers and offer them to test your product/service. Succeeding in this task will enable you to build case studies that will be relevant and convincing to your target groups.

Highlighting the features of your product or service, you will build a reputation. Add the customer experience element, as this may be a more convincing sales argument. This includes your post-purchase customer support. If you succeed, you will create inseparability with customers that will pay off in the long run. 

You can test the market with pathfinder campaigns that create awareness among your main target group but at the same time explore your options with other target groups.

If you already have plans to rapidly increase your sales and build a large customer base within a short period of time, we recommend we talk about growth communications

It’s a different approach, which is focused on reaching a single objective, using creative and experimental methods. It requires a different mindset and you need to compromise on perfection. 

Five key success factors of entrepreneur & startup marketing:


Inspiring narrative: Develop your vision, mission and corporate narrative.


Focus on customers: Create realistic buyer personas, build a sales-focused customer journey, and explore the market for more target groups.


Visibility: Establish initial visibility through online and offline activities.


Attract: Use inbound and outbound methods to generate awareness.


Position: Place your brand in a certain position in the market, with customer-focused behavior, convincing messages, and useful and targeted content.

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