In the virtual world content is everything. And it’s everywhere. Your customers should see the content that positively positions your brand and your products. 

Channel content that directs people to your German website. Onsite German SEO content that will attract consumers in their exploration phase and inform them on your offer. And ideally, the content you present will inspire them to become your online customers.

Your German SEO company for Germany and the other German-speaking markets, GCVB will provide you with impactful inbound marketing solutions in the DACH region. Our task: everyone knows the ingredients. But we’ll help you mix them to develop the secret sauce that consumers love.

Content Marketing Germany

Content Marketing Agency for Germany

As a content marketing agency for the German-speaking markets, we can provide the following services:

+ content strategy

+ audit

+ development (German SEO copy, audio, video)

+ planning

+ management

How to use your German SEO content as a powerful sales force in Germany

From a consumer perspective, content is what they see when they are online (and partially also offline). 

Ideally, when they look for products/services you offer or information on your brand, they will find what you would like them to know, plus what others tell them about it. The former is produced and placed by you directly, the latter can be influenced by you.

You tailor your content to the requirements of your target groups and place it in the channels that are useful to reach them:

  • your own(ed) media (website, social sites, newsletters and other customer communication pieces) 
  • paid media (ads) 
  • earned media (websites and social media accounts of others).

German SEO content connects your brand to German consumers, in their varying states of awareness, at various touch-points along the omnichannel customer journey. At any time. 

If you do not strategize/influence the content German consumers find on your brand you will miss out on the positive impact you can create. Moreover, you will not be able to counterbalance any negative content that others post. 

For you to connect with German consumers, your content can be fresh, informative, or even bold and provocative if this helps to inspire customers to learn more about you and your products. But it should always be targeted at your actual buyer groups. 

Content management is a cycle of tasks that you need to repeat. Your content strategy agency will guide you in this process.

Your strategic tasks include analyzing existing content, developing a content strategy, its narrative and messaging, and channel distribution plans. 

At the production level, you should focus on continuing creating and distributing German SEO content for individual target groups. 

At the operational level you need to manage the content process, always keeping an eye on KPI achievement. 

Start with a German website (the home of your content). For this project and your campaigns, you will need inspiring visual content (photos, graphic material, videos) and different types of text. 

For your German customers, you will want to prepare your content in original German writing or translation: from SEO cornerstone through news snippets, brochures, and blog articles to customer newsletters. Social media posting works best in the original language, too.

This will result in more traffic on your website, as the search volume is much higher in the local language. For example, while the search volume for Content Marketing Agency Germany is actually not that bad for the German market, the search volume for Content Marketing Agentur is much higher. 

You should also produce German language versions of your video and audio material. On average, every German (aged 16-64) spends around 1.25 hours on social media and listens to podcasts for almost 30 minutes per day. Thus, a German podcast is a great addition to your video content.

Moreover, you will want to produce imagery that connects locally. Your products need to be presented in an environment that looks and feels natural to German consumers.

How you mix these elements depends on your objectives, your target group’s preferences, and the respective content strategy that combines both. As a content strategy agency, GCVB will support you with this task.

A content audit will tell you how your content is performing in terms of SEO, channel engagement, and on-site conversion.

Naturally, your content needs to meet the expectations of your target groups. If you are not selling mass products that are accessible (price) to almost any consumer, you may want to consider addressing both intended users and actual buyers. This would certainly be the case with high-priced consumer goods and B2B goods & services. In such scenarios it is certainly wise to step up your LinkedIn activities and use whatever formats your target groups like best to get through to them.


Five key success factors of content strategy for Germany:


Content as sales support: Make content an integral part of your sales force by letting it speak like a fun, but trustworthy person.


Omnichannel journey: Develop an omnichannel journey for your customers to reach them, wherever they are and whenever they are available to look at your offer.


Website-centric model: Pull customers to your site, where you inform, inspire, and convert them.


German SEO: Ensure that your content supports your online visibility. It's not only about keywords and links. The entire UX counts, i.e. what users take away from the visit.


Develop a pizza mindset: Like pizza, content can inspire different buyer groups, depending on the toppings they like, personally.

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