Experience marketing in the DACH region: making your brand accessible.

A new era for experience

Experiential Marketing … While the focus of Marketing these days mainly lies on digital we are still convinced that events mustn’t be left behind. Events are still an important tool in a 360-Marketing Strategy and may be carried out in a real-life, physical way or online. Either way, the purpose of events remains the same: Bringing people – your (potential) customers – together to create an emotional bond with your brand.

Conceptualizing the experience

Knowing how important experiential Marketing is for your brand, GCVB will help you create a suitable concept to bring your brand alive. In doing so, we will make sure that your event is unique and offers positive experiences to your participants. We will analyze your brand and marketing strategy and find the perfect concept for you. 

We know how to create the ambience that will help you enlighten or charm the participants, depending on your objectives. And we know how to visualize and underline your messages. 

Whatever your objectives may be, there are event forms for many purposes. We are experienced in creating various events, from official events at conventions and fairs to (Christmas) parties, galas and ball dance events, as well as online webinars and summits. 

GCVB university event

Event management in Germany and the other DACH countries

Once we have created an event concept, we won’t leave you hanging. We’ll support you in putting your concept to life. That means planning, in detail, individual elements and liaising with partners who are involved in carrying out the event. 

We are a team of event experts that can take care of the full organization of the event. Our expertise results from planning and managing events in different roles and for different companies and organizations, ranging from small and midsize companies to large corporations and organizations, such as Hyundai Motor Europe, Deutsche Post/DHL, European Air Transport, Business Maniacs 2019 (as employee of Himmelhoch PR), and Borgward Group AG. 

Managing the processes and people that are relevant to the success of your event will become a primary task for the GCVB team that is dedicated to your project. This will include the creation of all event collaterals, in particular marketing and/or press material, and invitation management.

Pre-event marketing and media relations will also form part of the teams core tasks. Social media activities generate awareness, newsletters inform participants, and media coverage adds to the event’s perceived significance. All of these elements should form part of the overall event plan. 

Joe Wiedemann - Newsletter for Austria's biggest founder event

Newsletter for Business Maniacs 2019. Created and delivered by GCVB’s founder during his time at Himmellhoch PR.

Organization on the ground

We have a strong network of event providers, like caterers, photographers, videographers, bands, DJs, technicians etc. who we have all worked with already and are able to account for only the highest quality of service. 

Our Austrian partner agency Ballbox is the leading prom-organisation-agency and has worked with students all over Austria since 2017. Their unique concept, called “Maturaballmesse”, is one of the most successful events to target students before completing their Matura. Ballbox has a proven track record and has received Austria-wide recognition from relevant newspapers, like the Kronenzeitung.

Naturally, we will take care of briefing (event flow, individual tasks) and managing your personnel, guests and sponsors. And some of us may also come in handy as moderators for parts of your show.

Your guests will experience on-the-ground marketing and sponsoring activities as pleasant elements of an inspiring, perhaps also insightful event. Likely, we will make them ask for upcoming events.