The best spot in the marketplace? In the minds of consumers.

If you position your brand in the right spot in the marketplace and if you deliver on the brand promise, it will be on top of the minds of users and buyers when they look for products like yours. And that will help you increase your sales in the DACH region.

A strong brand positioning builds on favorability, accessibility, and credibility. Don’t try to position your brand in a place it doesn’t belong. Be authentic and build your brand strategically, even when you pursue growth opportunities. Your German, Austrian, and Swiss customers will appreciate it.

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How to create inseparability between German consumers and your brand

1 What is brand positioning?

You, your products and services, your approach to business and what you do to be perceived in a certain way, are all specific characteristics of your brand. 

These characteristics place you in a certain position in the market, in relation to your competitors, making you highly accessible to your desired target groups, or less. 

2 What are the effects?

If your desired positioning is out of sync with your actual perceived positioning, you will not be credible and your customers will find it hard to connect. 

By contrast, a good brand positioning will catapult you on the short list of preferred solutions in the instant consumers demand them.

3 Be credible and available

Ensuring the credibility of your brand-positioning is one of the most important tasks in communications. Because this is a long-term sales driver. To achieve it, you should work on the following aspects.

Is your brand available to consumers?

Mentally: Your brand needs to be present and visible. Ideally, it should come to mind when consumers think about things you stand for and the products you offer. You can achieve it by establishing online visibility and building trust with consumers.

Physically: Products are recognizable, and available at consumers’ PoS of choice.

4 Become accessible and favorable

What is the brand’s value proposition and how can it be strengthened? Ultimately, you want consumers to acknowledge that your products are a great fit for them. 

Functionally convincing: Your products have the characteristics that consumers want. 

Emotionally connectable: There are no emotional obstacles that prevent consumers from connecting to your brand and its products. Empathetic communication is important for connectivity.

Price-relevant: The brand offers products that are relevant to consumers, viewed from their budgetary point of view.

5 Create loyalty/inseparability

Are you creating inseparability with your customers? 

It’s important for your continued business success. Charmed customers will really love you. They will automatically be your brand ambassadors. And they will voluntarily communicate your brand’s qualities at one of the most important touchpoints of the omnichannel experience that you can’t reach directly: personal recommendation / authentic consumer voice.

Various activities that can help you earn an excellent reputation with customers after they have bought a product. Just to name a few simple examples:

  • Ensuring that they receive their product on time and intact. 
  • Thanking them for their purchase and welcoming their comments.
  • Placing an FAQ on your website, should there be any questions on the use and maintenance/care of your products.
  • Informing them, directly and through your communications channels, on the progress you’re making and the increasing popularity of your products. 
  • Encouraging them to visit your (online) store again by giving incentives. 
  • Inviting them to exclusive customer previews of new products.

Five key success factors of brand positioning in Germany:

Brand credibility

Position, based on capabilities and competition

Brand guidance

Brand positioning is the North Star for all activities


Deliver on the brand promise and differentiate from others

Convincing & connectable

Be functionally convincing, emotionally connectable


Become accessible, favorable, and inseparable