Social media management in the DACH countries: reaching consumers where they are.

Social media management in the DACH region

In the DACH region, most consumers are online every day and spend several hours on social media. This fact creates opportunities for you to get attention, place your messages, and to direct social media users to your website or shop. 

What you need to know: where can I reach my buyer groups and post in a meaningful way? To answer these questions, you’ll need your persona analysis and a good understanding of the specific social media and how they are used by your buyers.   

You need to build a social strategy that can achieve several objectives: reach (visibility), engagement (non-committed favorability), and ultimately interest in visiting your website or store and purchasing your products (committed favorability).

One thing many startups and even big corporates often misjudge in their social media management: the power of engaging content. While social platforms like TikTok provide brands with the opportunity to engage with young target groups in a way young consumers find inspiring, the brands quite often post content that is made to represent the brand promise. You definitely need such posts. But their performance will not be very good. 

Thus, in addition to your brand promise posts, try to create content that is made for users that want entertainment. This type of organic content will not immediately support your sales. But the positive random brand experience will position your brand in a very relatable and inspiring manner to many consumers. (Please note that the performance data shown in the last two pics are those of an account that has 20 (!) followers. Thanks to our brilliant social experts Lisa and Sophie.) This in turn can create brand favorability, which is invaluable when the same users consider your brand versus your competitors in a sales-relevant decision-making process.

Social media visuals (Posts, Stories, Reels)

Naturally, your post visuals are key to successful posting. An interesting or even daring visual can draw attention to your post and trigger response. In this sense, try to stand out from your competition. 

Your copy and your visual should complement each other to shape the best user experience. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is not always meaningful for marketing. Because every person has their own association with and their own interpretation of an image. You don’t want your customers to picture “something”. You need to guide them with emotional, inspirational, and directing text.   

You also need to consider that your social media posts are part of your brand communications and everything you post needs to be aligned with your Corporate Design and Identity. Hence, you will want to develop a good concept for the look and tone of your postings.

So, if you create posts, stories, and reels, consider all these factors. Create engaging content that shows your corporate identity (not just visual!) and create content that users will like for different reasons. Both contribute to building a solid brand in the market.