Export marketing is crucial for many companies’ business success. But developing your export marketing plan can prove tricky. Having worked for large internationals, SMEs, and startups, we know that every company has different requirements when going international. 

But one thing they all have in common: their international marketing for Germany and the other prosperous DACH markets needs to be based on understanding the interests of buyer groups. You can’t succeed if you don’t feel your customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

With two decades of communications experience in Germany and the other countries of the DACH region, we’ll help you reach your strategic market entry goals, develop your local messaging and reach out to your target groups. 

Market Entry DACH Countries

Market Entry Communications Agency DACH

As your digital marketing agency for the German markets, we can provide the following market entry and market launch services:

+ brand positioning

+ localized messaging

+ entry strategy

+ media soft launch

+ physical touchpoints

+ SEO website and main content

+ FB, Instagram and LinkedIn sites

How international marketing helps to sell your products in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

If your business is a startup it has different communications tasks when entering DACH than a mature business with an established product range. 

Your milestone planning will be different and you may want to take a more flexible approach. 

If your company is small in its operations and offers a single product it will likely have a more dedicated approach towards its main target group than a medium size company with a wider range of products and, hence, several important target groups.

Selling products in the German-speaking region, you will want to charm your target groups right from the start. Just remember that you need to be aware of local sentiment. 

With some exceptions, most DACH customers are not overwhelmingly enthusiastic. They need to familiarize with new things. But once you win them, they tend to be loyal. There are different ways to achieve that. 

Think strategically. Define your German target groups thoroughly. In your German communications, you will want to start with credible positioning, convincing messaging, a German website, and German SEO content for the customer journey. 

On your German SEO website, you will show your products, explain the customer gains, and potentially also provide use cases and case studies wherever possible. 

Setting up your DACH communications structures will also require your attention. You need flexible structures that can adapt quickly. Establish ties to local agencies and freelancers for different purposes that can be activated when you need them.

Pro-active communications measures to generate awareness will likely prioritize digital marketing to create a buzz and media relations to position your brand and build trust, depending on the characteristics of your business. 

In your entry strategy and timeline, you will determine the scope and pace of your German-speaking market communications. You can start slowly, test the market, and then gradually accelerate. Multi-purpose and multi-target group pathfinder campaigns are a good approach to creating awareness while at the same time generating data on real consumer preferences within several target groups.

Or, you opt for growth communications to achieve an immediate impact on the market. Growth requires that you have a good product-market-fit and the capacity to deliver what you sell within a few days, as this will hugely affect your brand image.

To become accessible to potential customers, it is imperative to establish a physical presence of your products in the market. Otherwise, consumers can’t experience their products and may find it risky to order them based on online presence alone.

Brand centers, showrooms, and shop-in-shop retail solutions will help you manage customers’ first encounters with your products, according to your preferences.

Roadshows and other experience marketing events can help you tour the metropolitan regions in the DACH countries. A smart roadshow will be based on a multi-purpose and multi-target group marketing campaign that creates physical customer experience, online awareness, and also introductions to selected media. Here, you can gather real and honest feedback from customers and a feeling for how best to communicate with them.

Identify evolving beachheads in the market, when you enter. Potentially, these can also be geographical strongholds where you gain the highest attention and an initial sales success. Market intelligence and online analytics will help you discover hot spots. 


Five key success factors of DACH market launch communications:


Strategic market entry: Be strategic in your approach and keep in mind that you need to build a brand image in the markets you want to conquer.


Act local: Feel the local sentiment, create trust, and win your German customers.


Be convincing: German-speaking consumers are a little bit sceptic. Be convincing in your entire approach, above all in your corporate behavior and your messaging.


Position your brand: Position your brand credibly, through an inspiring physical and digital experience, online marketing, and PR.


Speak their language: Create messages and content that German customers can relate to.

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