Additional products for the complete customer journey

Being instrumental in positioning your company and its products/services in the DACH area is something we really look forward to. And this website tells you that we can support you with a range of communications services. 

But communication should be consistent, throughout the entire customer journey. It is not advisable to have a great website but a poor product display at your physical PoS. 

Nor is it wise to staff an inspiring showroom with sales persons who have no clue what your brand is about and what gains your customers will make when buying your products. 

And what would you think if you saw a brilliant post from an aspiring brand on your favorite social media channel on one day but a bad ad of the same brand in your favorite print magazine the next day?  

For a consistent communication approach, you should care about addressing all potential touchpoints. And perhaps you’ll find that you need additional services for our common projects or other tasks as well, such as: 

  • graphic design / illustration 
  • video productions 
  • showroom staff coaching workshops
  • print / OOH advertising

To deliver impactful services across the DACH region and beyond we have teamed up with other senior communication experts in various fields. Some of these cooperations have recently been intensified. Together, we can offer a variety of communication support throughout Europe and for different industries.