It takes a single metric and a fearless heart to grow fast.

Don’t be mistaken: growth is not about making wild guesses in the dark. It is very, very strategic. You need to define what you want to achieve, before you look at your potentials for achieving it. For startups one of the biggest goals is quickly crossing the chasm between the markets for innovators/early adopters and the mass market. 

To get there, you need to address both users and buyers, which all too often are not the same target groups. We’ll identify and pursue the opportunities that hold the potential for creating an impact. You’ll be in control. KPI-based real-time performance data is included in our package.  

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Growth is a matter of strategic opportunistic fearlessness.

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How to get started with successful growth marketing

1 Growth mindset

You will need to determine your growth objective and set the metric that helps you measure your success. Whether it is sales, the number of memberships or subscriptions, widening your geographic reach, or click rates etc.: The One Metric That Matters (OMTM) will guide the activities of your growth team. 

You will also acquire a different kind of thinking: Instead of viewing unsuccessful attempts as failures, you will see them as learnings that help you develop more successful activities.

2 Strategy & facts (not opinion)

Following a thorough analysis of the market, your product, and the potentials for growth, you will develop a strategic approach, which will direct you, when you carry out individual activities.

Utilizing different online methods and tools enables you to monitor the success of activities in real-time. 

Facts (data) will help you understand customer preferences and improve the customer journey. 

They will strengthen your ability to develop impactful activities that can really convince your customers. 

3 Omnichannel approach

Your growth will depend on your ability to identify the potentials of various channels at a certain moment in time. 

Some channels can be promising in general, but may not be the right ones to choose for rapid expansion. 

Other channels may not come to mind immediately, but may offer great opportunities nonetheless. 

4 Optimization & exploration

Creativity is a natural characteristic of innovator brands. And it is not limited to the products and services you develop. It extends to the way you present them to your target groups. 

You need to explore and pursue every opportunity there is to get your message through to your target groups. Quite a few of your activities may not be successful. But the ones that are will get you where you want to be.

5 Fearlessness

Growth communications require a good deal of fearlessness. You need to know what you want to achieve. But there is no room for perfectionism. 

And you should not be afraid of experimenting beyond traditional thinking. Unlike the big players in the market, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. 

6 Operational nowness

Growth also requires a sense of nowness. Operational flexibility of your communications is a key success factor. As is a continuous monitoring of the success-rate of your activities.

The instruments you need: Market & trend monitoring, real-time insight on communication consumption (consumer reaction), and consistent messaging at all touch points of the omnichannel customer journey. The latter will include physical touch points.

Five key success factors of growth communications:


Embrace trial-and-error to reach the metric goals

Define the right target groups

Address both users and buyers if they are not the same

Market intelligence

Use market intelligence for impactful campaigns

Real time data

Identify the best opportunities with real-time data

Brand awareness

Don't damage your brand on the growth trip