The heart of your DACH communications structure: Your German SEO website

The home of your German content

Your corporate website is one of the most important elements of the omnichannel experience of your German customers.

On your site, you can show consumers just how accessible you are. You offer the solution to something they are looking for, and what you show on your website can convince them that this is what they want. 

With a well-chosen approach you can achieve a good ranking among the top positions in SERPs (Google, Bing, etc.), which will help your customers find you when they search for products like yours.

A natural keyword placement, good-read experience, and adequate copy-length, are among the influential factors that will give you good online visibility. 

And building on cornerstone content -the most important articles/pages on your corporate website-, you can create an on-site journey for your visitors that will make them want to come back for more later, or even purchase your products on the spot. 

Individual approach to your German-language corporate website

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to this task. Every brand / company / organization is different and has different target groups with different preferences. Also, the nature of their content will differ, requiring a specific framework.

Hence, the B2B website of a Swiss-German biotech startup will have a different tone of voice and a different focus than the online presence of Austria’s biggest founders’ event, or the sales-focused corporate website of a leading e-mobility company from Slovakia. And while these sites are informative or educational, a leading European retro fashion online store chose inspiring story-like content for their site. 

Websites serve different purposes, which are defined in your overall marketing strategy.

  • What are your commercial objectives?
  • How much of your commercial success would you like to assign to your inbound marketing strategy?
  • What is the role your website has in this strategy?

If you want your website to become the starting point for the actual sales process, then this is the guiding principle of your website concept.

Site Concept

The first step is to develop the concept for your site. 

We will dicsuss the specific objectives of your German corporate website, your target groups’ preferences, the site’s functions and content, structure, on-site user Xperience, and general design. 

We will discuss how you can achieve at-the-fold re-capturing of your visitors’ attention to make them continue on the page. Also, we’ll define internal links to develop a hierarchy of pages to guide visitors.

Your site will contain inspiring, reassuring, and converting elements. All are needed to cover differing consumer knowledge and intention in the awareness curve.

You’ll also want to consider aligning your business site’s content on google and your social media channels. These are different tools but they are very efficient for directing customers to your official website, as part of your online marketing strategy. Search engines not only count the number of visitors who came to your site via organic search but also visitors that came from social platforms. They will also count the number of pages visitors look at and the number of times they re-visit.

Responsive design

Moreover, to catch all those consumers that look for products and services on their mobile devices your site should be highly responsive. 

Your design should allow for a good user experience on mobile devices. And your content needs to be useful on mobile screens. 

So, let’s find an engaging website design and structure to guide your customers. It will likely differ from ours: your site is the home of your content and will display your brand values.

Content creation

Creating your content, we will use our market knowledge, customer preferences, and your brand’s characteristics. They will be influential for defining the voice & tone and look & feel of your German website. 

Depending on your products or services, the most catchy elements of your German website will be your visual content. With the pre-defined approach towards UX, we’ll support you with creating visual content that captivates.  

And let’s put your messages into words and stories that will inspire your target groups. Whether it’s original German website copy, or a German translation / transcreation of your original website content. 

And with the right SEO approach, your site will be the key element of your inbound marketing/content strategy. The natural placement of keywords and above all meaningful web copy that really informs and inspires site visitors are among the top criteria for good onsite SEO. Why? Because when visitors visit several pages of your site, they stay longer, engage more, and have a higher “dwell time”, which is good for your SERP ranking. And “small things” can have a big impact, too.


Site creation

The final step is to set up the site. If you have a site developer, we will limit our role to creating the concept and content.

Alternatively, we will create a lean WordPress site that is flexible and easy to use. 

The look will represent your individual brand values and will be tailored to host your content effectively. There are many WordPress pre-configured themes that have a great and functional design and still offer potential for individual alterations and add-ons. You will also get essential SEO tools for your site.

German Content Vienna Berlin image of wireframe for website creation

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