If you’re on a fast ride, you can’t rely on the traditional approach to marketing, with many forces at play that will consume much of your time and even more resources. You are interested in one thing only: the OMTM.


Growth marketing is about focusing on a goal, such as acquiring a bigger share of the market, and achieving it in as little time as possible. For startups one if the biggest goals is to quickly cross the chasm between the market for innovators and early adopters and the mass market. Because only the mass market can provide you with sustainable sales results. To get there, you need creativity, fearlessness and a sense of nowness.


Creativity is a natural characteristic of innovator brands. And it is not limited to the products and services you develop. It extends to the way you present them to your target groups.


Being inventive in communication is by no means easy. You can’t just build on previous measures that worked for others. Rather, you need to explore and seek every opportunity there is to get your message through to your target groups. Quite a few of your activities may not be successful. But the ones that are will get you where you want to be.


This approach requires a good deal of fearlessness. There is no room for perfectionism. And you should not be afraid of experimenting beyond traditional thinking. Unlike the big players in the market, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. 


It also requires a sense of nowness. You can’t wait to see if a trend is here to stay. You need to seize the opportunity and ride the wave. Until it breaks. And then you get on the next one. Operational flexibility of your communication is a key success factor. As is a continuous monitoring of the success-rate of your activities.


The instruments you need: Market & trend monitoring, real-time insight on communication consumption (consumer reaction), and consistent messaging at all touch points of the omnichannel customer journey. The latter will include physical touch points.


Let’s start building lean and efficient communication structures that have the potential for quick expansion. You can order individual services or a package that is suitable for your requirements.