Social posting: reaching consumers where they are.

Social media posts

In the DACH region, most consumers are online every day and spend several hours on social media. This fact creates opportunities for you to get attention, place your messages, and to direct social media users to your website or shop.

What you need to know: where can I reach my buyer groups and post in a meaningful way? To answer these questions, you’ll need your persona analysis and a good understanding of the specific social media and how they are used by your buyers.   

Visuals (Posts, Stories, Reels)

Naturally, your post visuals are key to successful posting. An interesting or even daring visual can draw attention to your post and trigger response. In this sense, try to stand out from your competition. 

But you also want to create visuals that support your messaging. Because that is the most important part of social media marketing: triggering the response you want. 

Moreover, you also need to consider that your social media posts are part of your brand communications and everything you post needs to be aligned with your Corporate Design and Identity. Hence, you will want to develop a good concept for the look and tone of your postings.

So, if you create posts, stories, and reels, consider all these factors. Create engaging content that shoes your corporate identity (not just visual!).  


Captions & post copy

Posting on social media puts you in the position to reach, potentially, millions of consumers. But along with extended visibility comes the necessity to be careful what you say, as more consumers are bound to read it. 

While you need convincing messages that inspire consumers to take action, your social copy needs to also reflect your brand values. With a balanced mix of of sales-talk, use-case oriented main messages, and accompanying brand messages, you can create convincing posts that will increase your web or shop traffic and your sales.

Your copy and your visual should complement each other to shape the best user experience. The saying “a picture says more than a thousand words” is completely meaningless for marketing. Because every person has their own association with and their own interpretation of an image. You don’t want your customers to picture “something”. You need to guide them with emotional, inspirational, and directing text.   

Online- & onsite news: keeping customers updated

News snippets

There’s always news to tell and your customers and prospects in the DACH region actually like to be informed on your activities. 

You have two practical options for creating online news for your target groups in the DACH countries: online press releases and news snippets. 

News snippets give a brief overview of your activities, without going in-depth. They are useful to provide quick information and allow you to keep a light version of a blog. 

News snippet German Content
News snippet German Content

Online releases

Online (press) releases are also a good option for placing factive news online. You can distribute them to the online outlets of relevant media in the DACH region, or place them on your own German website and on news portals. They will support your SEO and appear in the search engine results page of your German customers. 

Online PR - German Content
Online press release German Content