Online- & onsite news: keeping customers updated

News snippets

There’s always news to tell and your customers and prospects actually like to be informed on your activities. 

You have two basic practical options for creating online news: online press releases and news snippets. News snippets give a brief overview of your activities, without going in-depth. They are useful to provide quick information and allow you to keep a light version of a blog. 

Online PR - German Content
Online press release German Content

FAQs, Q&As, newsletters & CRM pieces

And if you have experienced that customers ask questions concerning your products or services, you may also want to update your FAQ or Q&A document on a regular basis.  

For your customer relations, there are other tools as well, such as newsletters and CRM pieces.  

News snippet German Content
News snippet German Content

Online releases

Online (press) releases are also a good option for placing factive news online. You can distribute them to the online outlets of relevant media, place them on your own website and on news portals. They will support your SEO and appear in the search engine results of your customers. 

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