Creating an omnichannel customer experience

Your target groups in the DACH countries have multiple options for receiving information on your brand, your products, and even your competitors. They can look anywhere they want and at any time it’s convenient for them.

Some of these channels are provided and fed by you directly,  like your German website, your podcast, and German language social sites. Others contain information from third parties (which you can also feed). 

All of them can form a part of the omnichannel customer journey. To be visible and convincing, you need a solid presence at all relevant points, since you never know where the journey starts and how it continues. 


At the physical point of sale (PoS), customers have the opportunity to get practical information on your products. If you leave it to chance, customers could view your products with a mindset you might feel they shouldn't have. Thus, you will want to convey strong messages, visually and verbally at this point.


Your own website is the place where the heavy lifting is done. It is here, you convince customers (and convert them). Every touchpoint, including your physical PoS, and all other touchpoints should be linked to your website and direct customers to it.


Customers receive marketing e-mails every day. Some they like, others they don't. Feeling your customers' pain will help you get a feeling for the intensity and scope of your e-mail marketing.

print media

The customer receives articles, reviews, and ads through print media. Articles and reviews deliver proof/fact checks to the customer. As such, they add to trust or distrust.

digital & social media

Customers receive most of their information from online sources, be they digital outlets of print media, original online media, social media, or blogs and forums. What they get through the digital channels are posts, articles, reviews, and ads. Depending on your digital strategy, you can create very strong channels that you own. This takes time and effort. But if you want to transport undiluted messages, this is the best approach. And if you succeed in achieving a solid presence in other channels, you will create credible and convincing online visibility for your brand and products.

personal recommendation

To buyers, nothing has more value than the opinion of a trusted person that is knowledgeable on the product they are looking for. Considering that your every customer will be such a person to someone else, you really want to charm them.

flyers etc.

No one really likes them and they always end up in the nearest trash can ... And yet, the moment you receive a flyer, the brief scan you do could be the door-opener for the company that wants to offer you something.

coincidental encounters

Original coincidental encounters are a source of information you cannot influence. You can't possibly know when a potential customer will accidentally bump into your products. But you can create the possibility of coincidental encounters through pop-up and guerilla activities.