Case study LinkedIn Channel Pythia AI

Pythia AI is a leading predictive analytics tool that is very valuable for marketing and distribution. The software analyses past and current consumer demand for specific products or services, identifies patterns, and predicts future demand peaks. This will help users to prepare their marketing activities and/or logistics according to upcoming trends.


In its approach, the visionary startup had relied heavily on sales and somewhat neglected its marketing. As a result, Pythia is already used by a wide range of companies in Germany and in other markets, notably in the Unites States. However, due to the sensitivity of market insights, Pythia may not mention their clients directly. This was clearly hampering its ability to create a solid online visibility, in particular on LinkedIn, the most powerful international B2B platform.


GCVB used its LinkedIn experience and reach to support Pythia in its brand building awareness.

  • In a series of posts on LinkedIn, we positioned Pythia AI as a leading predictive analytics tool by emphasizing a variety of actual and potential use cases.
  • However, to position Pythia as a valued member of marketing teams, rather than a simple tool, we brought her to virtual life, giving her a virtual identity.
  • We also developed informational content for download from Pythia’s website, to strengthen the site’s authority.


We increased awareness among target groups and helped to prepare the grounds for ongoing sales activities. GCVB activities increased the number of Pythia’s LinkedIn followers by 10 percent. Post views grew from an average of a few hundred in the preceding 6 months to an average of 1,500 in following months.