Case study brand positioning Carenamics

Carenamics is an Austrian health-tech startup that is focused on overcoming the difficulties the patient care market in the DACH countries is facing. Some of the biggest challenges are the limited time care professionals can spend with patients (less than 15 minutes) and the lack of qualified care professionals. Since digital solutions can provide remedies for both these issues, Carenamics developed a very advanced documentation software that is easy to use, reliable, and very helpful for care personnel in various fields.


When Carenamics approached GCVB, they had already proven the feasibility and reliability of their software and had established a small community of users. In 2023, they wanted to increase their visibility in the Austrian market and start building a sales base.


GCVB created the infrastructure for digital market penetration (an informative SEO website and well-fed social media channels) and used SEA and social ad campaigns to maintain buzz in the market.

  • Having recognized that one of the main favorability factors is the time Carenamics saves during the documentation process and the remote digital-only use of the client case during visits, we helped positioning Carenamics as the software that enables users to spend their scarce time on what matters most to patients and nurses: time for working with the patient.
  • In research and strategy sessions with Carenamics management, we also identified the integrative effect of the system as a core topic that can create more awareness and also widen the scope of potential users. Due to its easy access and easy to understand set-up, Carenamics offers unique opportunities to integrate previously non-digital and also foreign care professionals.
  • To overcome the reluctance of care professionals to use digital systems for personal data storage, we showcased, in a number of social media activities and blog articles, that using Microsoft’s Azure together with a stringent data administration system ensures data security at the highest level.


The initial marketing approach and the more specific use-case focused campaigns helped Carenamics to maintain a buzz in the market and to start building a solid core base of customers that is continuously expanding. Some of the customers are so inspired that they themselves have participated in some of the online marketing and offline event activities of Carenamics.

In 2024, the activities are focused on entering the German patient care market and further establishing the use case for the software enabling a smooth integration of the much-needed foreign healthcare workers in both Austria and Germany. Here, too, we supported Carenamics in positioning their platform as one of the most advanced and useful systems in the market, with the potential to become the future-proof market standard for patient care documentation.