Case study Begorett Velomobile

Spanish 4-wheel pedelec producer Begorett has developed an outstanding vehicle that will surely motivate many people to switch from car to pedelec for commuting. Begorett has developed a pilot vehicle and is currently finetuning the drive train to make the vehicle fit for sales.


Begorett is still a small (intra-company) startup that does not have the marketing power to do international pre-sales communications. However, Begorett needs visibility in the big markets, also vis-à-vis potential investors, to advance to the next phase of corporate development, which is to engage in mass production.


GCVB stepped in to help expand overall international online visibility and to help Begorett gain brand visibility in the German-speaking markets.

  • Starting with a small Initial series of posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, and FB, we tested channel response to the vehicle and found that LinkedIn and Instagram are the most promising.
  • We then started to highlight the company’s fresh approach to delivering a convincing solution for making electrified pedal-commuting safer and more fun.


The proposed activities proved successful right from the start. Already within the first two weeks, Begorett had generated more than 10,000s of post views (coming from a few hundred), several hundred comments, likes, and shares, and new followers. In the following months, Begorett also achieved a promising awareness level for the product and the brand on Instagram, with a high level of engagement from users in bike nations, like The Netherlands and Germany.