Ice cream is a philosophy in itself. Beautiful dairy or vegan creations that develop the flavor of paradise while melting on your tongue. Possibly, ice cream is the most emotional and at the same time most soothing snack in the world.

WAO MOCHI have added another dimension to the experience. The fine layer of rice dough that covers their mouthwatering mango, matcha, vanilla, chocolate, macchiato, and cheesecake ice cream is simply irresistible. It’s the perfect fusion of Asian and Mediterranean culture. A new philosophy of delicious iced snacks.

A digital marketing agency for the DACH region, being chosen to support WAO MOCHI social media planning, management, and production is a delightful experience and presents us with yet another opportunity to successfully introduce a promising brand in the German-speaking markets.

When entering the German markets, you need to connect with your German customers. An adequate touch of Germanness in your visuals and German language content will help you send the right vibes German consumers need to favor your brand and your products.

GCVB is excited to provide the message to German consumers that have a sweet tooth but are looking for an exceptional premium experience. Expect to see many delightful posts, stories, and reels on various occasions of the German seasonal and emotional calendar.

Contact us if you’re looking for a German digital marketing agency that will help you connect with your German consumer groups. 


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