In this week’s podcast episode Simon Erdmann, advisor, innovator & strategist, tells us about his experience in supporting companies to grow their business and advance to higher levels.

Fall in love with the problem, not the solution! As an innovation consultant, you need to base your line of thought on this approach. Staying focused on the task of creating real solutions for problems, Simon Erdmann helps companies develop and cultivate their innovative power. It’s purpose-centered work, utilizing the most promising technology.

We talk about startup culture, agile processes, and how successful companies often follow a certain path: start small with big ideas, fail fast (if you fail), and then scale quickly when you get it right. Listen in!

Time Stamps:
1:35 Purpose centered work using technology
2:10 Corporate Messaging affects a lot of target audiences
5:30 The best hidden secret in the market
6:20 Focus on external AND internal communication
9:25 Innovation Business: Fall in Love with the problem
12:15 Problem Awareness
14:40 Agile doesn’t mean chaos
17:50 Start-up Culture and Failure Culture
20:00 Think big, start small & fail fast, scale quickly
24:40 Tipps for Start-up in the DACH region
31:20 Walk the talk
33:10 Predict your competitors’ next moves

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