‘Which side do you dress on?’ is a standard question any good tailor will ask a gentleman who wants to order a tailor-made suit. In the evolving age of the metaverse, it could get a whole new meaning. Here, it means: Is your persona(lity) based in the real, the digital, or the virtual world?

The answer to this question will be a primary element of buyer persona analysis for any brand in the not-so-distant future. And obtaining the answer will become the precious core of first-party data mining.

Consumers like to build personal brands. How they dress deliberately defines them, just as much as what they think and how they proclaim it. In the dark pre-digital age, consumers would buy so-called status symbols to display their improved financial situation and to distinguish themselves from others who were not so fortunate. Well guess what? Nothing has changed. It’s just not called status symbol and it’s not necessarily meant to display new-gained wealth. Anyone who wants to be seen in a certain category can equip themselves with the outspoken knowledge, the connecting mindset, and the outer design they feel will fit the person they want to be.

And soon, they will have yet another dimensional option. With the metaverse, we now have a three-dimensional reality, if we consider that there is a physical world, a digital world (social media), and the virtual/augmented reality world. And depending on the recognition and instant gratification consumers receive, they will prioritize one of them.

Brands will need to build the journeys that will include elements that could be totally different from today’s touchpoints. Simply because the metaverse is the new Wild West, with no written rules or playbooks. Anyone can become anyone they want to be. Ready Player One?

But what really keeps us awake at night is: How can we create crossroads, in the virtual journey, for an optional re-entry into the digital and the real world, where users will be enabled to build a split identity? Image transfer and NFT cash-in included! As marketers, we can’t conceal our excitement. Three-dimensional strategy will become the empress’s or emperor’s discipline in marketing.

We’ve embarked on the exploration journey. Join us and explore the verse, no matter which dimension you currently prefer.

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