High-level communications strategy is a field of activity that most startups and entrepreneur companies in the early stage like to set aside. Clearly, it requires resources that early-stage companies can’t afford in this stage of corporate development.

But when you scale up, there are many aspects you need to consider that have not been at the center of attention before. Simply because your focus changes when you change your perspective from creating initial awareness to generating high sales volumes. Some of the aspects you will want to consider:

  • Pathfinding / Use case school of thought
    • Scaling up: Niche vs diversification
    • Sweeping the fringe: who might be looking?
    • Creating use cases and developing case studies
  • Integrated communications
    • Shaping the environment, in which products can be positioned and mass-sold
    • Creating maximal awareness for brands and products
    • Creating favorability for brand and products
    • Maintaining favorability: post-purchase is pre-purchase
  • Three-dimensional marketing / Real world, digital world, metaverse
    • The categorical side: B2Admin, B2Business, B2Consumers, B2Avatars
    • The psychological side: B2People, in every sphere

GCVB supports newcomer brands in developing a sales-oriented communications strategy for penetrating markets. A strategy that we know we could also implement, if asked for.

Talk to us for strategic advice for entering the German-speaking markets.


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